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Jobs in Mumbai

Jobs in Mumbai

Here’s a quick summary of the employment opportunities in Mumbai as on 6th August 2021.

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Most number of vacancies in 

Delivery Boy, Sales, Business Development, Customer care

Delivery Boy, Sales, Telecaller, Customer care, Data Entry

Delivery Boy, Receptionist, Telecaller, Customer care, Data Entry

Data Entry, Medical Coder, UI/UX, Marketing

Salary Range

INR 2,000 - 80,000 per month

INR 2,000 - 35,000 per month 

INR 9,000 - 43,000 per month

INR 2,000 - 80,000 per month

Mumbai — the financial capital of India. It’s a city that boasts of some of the biggest brands across all industry verticals. The sheer number of companies located in this city creates many job opportunities for people at different executive levels.

The city which is particularly renowned for famous for the cinema and arts has, year after year, improved on its job creation index. According to a popular survey which compared salary trends in India, as many as 79% of companies in India have shown an increase in hiring activity on a yearly basis since 2016-2017. And Mumbai has been at the helm of such soaring numbers, majorly contributing in the area of job creation.

Mumbai doesn’t only create many jobs but also pays well. As per the findings of a survey, Mumbai stood second in terms of high-paying cities. In fact, when the national average CTC of India was approximately INR 13.2 lakh per annum, Mumbai was offering an average CTC of INR 14.2 lakh per year. 

Not only that but mid-level employees who usually have an experience timeline that stretches 6 to 15 years also stand to make as much as INR 10.5 LPA in Mumbai. As for the senior-level executives with experience exceeding 15 years, the CTC offered by Mumbai was a mind-boggling INR 27 lakh per annum.

We have to understand why Mumbai has been a job seekers’ paradise. And nothing says much than the economy in the region and how it contributes to the nation’s growth. The commercial and financial capital of India has an estimated GDP of USD 310 billion. The total contribution of Mumbai towards India’s GDP is approximately 6%. 

But wait, it gets better. Mumbai also contributes to the nation’s Income Tax Collections to the tune of almost 30%. What’s more, 60% of the nation’s total customs duty comes from the city of Mumbai. 

India is majorly a country renowned for agriculture and farming. Having said that, the industrial and manufacturing industry in India brings a lot to the table. Mumbai, in particular, is responsible for 10% of India’s factory employment. And since it is the financial and commercial capital of India, it is home to as many as 25+ billionaires. Studies suggest that there is much wealth that is rooted in the city which accounts for its repute as one of the wealthiest cities in the world. Going by a report in 2018, the wealth in the City of Mumbai is equivalent to USD 950+ billion which ranks it amongst the top 15 wealthiest cities in the world.

Now let’s look at some of the industries that are housed in the city. One of the renowned industries that has a strong foothold in the city of Mumbai includes consumer packaged goods. Brands such as Nivea, Colgate, HUL, Procter and Gamble are just some of the companies that operate out of Mumbai. Other industries and sectors that create many jobs in the capital of Maharashtra are — IT, telecommunications, textile, finance, jewellery, port and shipping, and entertainment.

Some of the leading brands and organisations that have their headquarters and/or operate in Mumbai are as follows:

  • Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited
  • National Stock Exchange
  • Tata Group
  • Ceat Limited
  • Reliance Industries
  • Godrej Group
  • Hindustan Petroleum
  • ACC Limited
  • Bombay Stock Exchange
  • Larsen and Toubro
  • Reserve Bank of India
  • Asian Paints Limited
  • Aditya Birla Group
  • Mahindra and Mahindra Limited

Find Latest Job Vacancies in Mumbai through Waahjobs

Professionals from different backgrounds possessing a wide variety of educational qualifications can be found in the city of Mumbai. For jobseekers considering this city to further their careers, the lure of stable and well-paying jobs that are offered here can be too hard to resist. After all, this city houses giants in FMCG, baking, insurance and finance. 

With companies such as the Tata Group, Reliance Industries, and Aditya Birla Group headquartered in Mumbai, freshers and experienced candidates are presented with a gateway to many other companies of repute. If private jobs isn’t your area of interest, you’ll be glad to know that many organisations in Mumbai are operated by the Central Government of India and the State Government of Maharashtra. These provide excellent career opportunities for candidates who want to work for the government.

Let’s take a look at some of the key industries and sectors that are responsible for creating jobs in Mumbai:

  • IT
  • Import
  • Export
  • Textile mills
  • Banking
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Clothing
  • Insurance
  • Finance
  • Biotech
  • BSE
  • FMCG
  • Automotive parts
  • Health Care

As you can probably guess by now, Mumbai is as good of a place for job hunting as other major metro cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata and so on. 

While the sheer volume of brands and companies located in this city and the ever-increasing jobs creation figure is a welcome sign for job seekers, the truth is that Mumbai is one of the most densely populated cities in the country. In other words, like you, there are other job seekers who pour into the city in search of jobs. This means more competition for employment.

That’s not necessarily a disadvantage as long as you keep up with the job opportunities in the region. With Waahjobs, you get to put in your applications for the best jobs in Mumbai. Not only do we help you find your dream job, regardless of your preferred industry or sector, but also leverage technology to perform a comprehensive analysis of all the jobs that you can see here. 

What does this do for candidates? Well, for starters, all the jobs verified, assessed and advertised keeping mind the employer requirements, salary packages, nature of the job, work timings and so much more. In short, we do all the hard work of bringing all the best job opportunities in Mumbai to you.   

Apply to latest Jobs in Mumbai online

Here, you can get all details about many different types of jobs in Mumbai: part-time, full-time, jobs from home, and work for 12th pass, 10th pass, graduates, post-graduates, freshers and experienced. 

We list the best Mumbai jobs that are latest, open, and verified. As you can see, the list of jobs in Mumbai here can be sorted by applying a slew of filters for, educational qualification, employer/company, work experience, location in Mumbai, and salary. 

Once you pick any of the genuine jobs in Mumbai, click on it and follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Click on “Apply with CV” or “Book Interview” button on the job card
  • Enter your first name, last name, mobile number, and email address in the pop-up form and click on “Apply”
  • Then confirm your job application for the Mumbai job by entering the OTP
  • Enter mandatory details for your application, verify your email and hit “Confirm”.
  • Then enter secondary details and click on “Confirm”. The recruiter will be alerted with your details. By doing this, you give us the opportunity to find more jobs in Mumbai for you. However, if you want to conduct your own search jobs in Mumbai, you can choose to skip this step.
  • What then? All you have to do is wait for the recruiter to respond. To track the progress of your applications for jobs in Mumbai, you can click on the “Applications’’ tab on the top.

Get free job alerts for the latest jobs in Mumbai

Waahjobs is the right place to start your hunt for job opportunities in Mumbai. We have an assortment of jobs, from remote jobs in Mumbai to permanent and temporary jobs.

On our platform, you can be assured of finding jobs in the domain you belong to. Not only that, but you can also seamlessly search jobs on the basis of your qualification. Once you sign up on our platform and set your filters based on salary, education, company, etc., free alerts about any new employment opportunities in Mumbai will be sent directly to your email inbox. 

Here is the process for easily setting-up Mumbai jobs alerts using Waahjobs. 

  • Open Waahjobs in your browser
  • Select 'Create job alerts'
  • In the form that open up, enter relevant details like your name, email id, job category, location etc.
  • You can set the mail frequency on the form so that you get timely alerts.
  • Once you complete adding the information, click on 'Subscribe' to receive custom job notifications daily, monthly or weekly to your email inbox.

Benefits of a career in Mumbai

What candidates have to know about Mumbai is that the competition for employment is fierce. Since the city operates in a westernized style which may mean longer working hours or different shifts. The skilled and semi-skilled labour in Mumbai and government workers, however, make up the majority of the city’s active population. 

Keeping commercial trade, health care, IT and logistics aside, media and entertainment create a number of jobs in Mumbai. The city is ground zero for Bollywood, and production/media houses hear make as many as 1000 films every year. As such, many advertising agencies and television production companies are also located here.  

Many expats also travel to this city as global brands and businesses are situated in this city. Let’s see what Mumbai has to offer to candidates who want to get a job.

Many financial institutions and private firms operate out of Mumbai. For a candidate, getting a job in the city can mean the best exposure.

Although Mumbai might not pay the highest in the country for all jobs, it’s a city that makes headlines every year for being ranked amongst the top 3 highest-paying cities.

The brand presence in this city and the sheer number of professionals means all the opportunities for professionals to network. This is perhaps the city with a lot of earning potential for freelancers and part-time workers.

The city is littered with creative art, theatre, and rich culture. A great alternative to other cities if you want to explore your creative side.

The commute is rather economical here. High availability, various modes of transport and extremely efficient.

People from all over the country reside in this city. So for those who are leaving their homes behind might not miss out on the “homely” feeling after all. And those who feel they might not fit in culturally won’t have any problems at all.

Different types of Jobs you can find in Mumbai

Mumbai is a metropolitan city revered amongst job seekers for all the obvious reasons. For one, since it is the financial and commercial hub of India, financial and corporate firms are aplenty. Second, the city boasts of many active startups. In fact, Mumbai alone, after Delhi-NCR and Bangalore is home to the most number of startups. 

The job and career opportunities present in this city for job seekers, fresh out of college or experienced, are ample. To give you an idea of the employment opportunities here, we’ll talk about 4 major industries/sectors that hire the most number of professionals.

The IT sector

With India’s IT industry running in billions with experts estimating that it will be worth close to USD 225 billion in 2020, there’s no doubting the increase in hiring activity. In Mumbai, you can find giants like IBM, Dell, HP, JP Morgan Chase, Tata Consultancy Services, to name a few, that hire hundreds and thousands of candidates every year.

The Financial Sector

Mumbai is a haven for candidates who want to start their career in finance. There is no dearth of brokerage firms, foreign investment firms, and merchant bankers in the city. What’s more, the presence of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE) in the city means that it controls the overall market capitalization and the turnover of India’s stock market.

The Manufacturing Sector

There are many manufacturing companies and factories in Mumbai that build a variety of commercial goods and products. The strategic location of Mumbai, with the Arabian Sea on the west means that the import-export of the manufactured goods is seamless. And that is why logistics is also a major sector in Mumbai.

Media and Entertainment

Let’s not forget what Mumbai is really famous for — media and entertainment industry. Job opportunities here for candidates in this industry are aplenty. Candidates can explore a career in makeup, dancing, singing, advertising, photography, choreography, acting, scriptwriting and so much more. There are many production, advertising and media houses with their own corporate offices here that create a number of jobs for candidates.

Popular companies offering jobs in Mumbai

Let’s look at some of the famous brands/companies/organisations that offer jobs in Mumbai.

Bureau Veritas, Sanofi, Patni Computers, CRISIL, TCS, Jet Airways, Bizerba, India Bulls, Netflix, ICICI Bank, Bayer, Canara Bank, SBI, Wipro Airoli, IDBI, Mckinsey, Deloitte, Yes Bank, Siemens, BCG, Syntel
Credit Suisse, Standard Chartered, CEAT, Deloitte, Mastek, L&T, Essar Group, Accenture, Nomura, TATA, Reliance, JP Morgan, Accenture, HSBC, Citigroup, Royal Bank of Scotland, Capgemini, FIS, HDFC Bank, Dena Bank, Amazon, Google IBM, GSK Pharma, Novartis.

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Waahjobs also has a dedicated page for government jobs in Mumbai. You can apply to government jobs based on your qualification, job type, industry or location. You can visit this page to see all active government jobs in Maharashtra. 

3) I am a fresher; how do I look for entry-level jobs in Mumbai?

On the left-hand side of this page, you can check the box that says “Fresher Jobs”. Upon checking the box, all entry-level jobs for freshers will be populated.

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