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Founded in 2018
0 - 50 employees

About StepSetGo

A sedentary lifestyle and a lack of fitness activity - These are probably the biggest plagues of our modern times. Every day, technology is making life easier and physical activity a rarity. It's no wonder that today obesity and other ailments associated with technology are an epidemic in our world. Sounds worrying? It is worrying. StepSetGo is here to do something about that. Our mission is to make people fitter by encouraging them to be physically active. To bring about a widespread change, we decided to make StepSetGo as accessible as possible. Not only is StepSetGo completely free, but it also incentivizes users by rewarding them for every step they take towards a fitter life. StepSetGo’s dynamic marketplace is designed to be a hub for brands to showcase new products, expand reach, and connect with a relevant user base that is actively looking for great offers. The marketplace becomes the perfect place for advertisers to meet willing customers, helping them maximize their advertising spends and/or boost their marketing campaigns. StepSetGo is Currently the Fastest Growing Fitness Startup of India!! For more information about us, visit