Neo Fitnes

Wellness / Fitness / Sports / Beauty
Founded in 2013
50 - 200 employees
Barrackpore, Veraval +2 more

About Neo Fitnes

We NEO Fitnes is operating in many countries across the globe. In India we are operating from 2007 under the company SAB Fitness & Training Center Pvt Ltd since then we have grown a bit, now we are one of the fastest growing chain in India with 40+ centers, academies & obesity clinics. The most challenging work for a successful business venture is to get a professional & dedicated team who follows business protocol. Neo Fitnes is running their team building programs in their own academies with short term courses and trainings along this we have our IT team to build crafted software and applications which help to deliver best training programs to our customers. Our Certified fitness professionals screen participants, evaluate various fitness components, prescribe exercise to improve these components, and may also help clients with specific or chronic conditions. Fitness professionals help challenge an individual by increasing their performance, as compared to when a person would work out on their own. They also teach new workouts, how to improve their form, performance and help set and achieve goals. We motivate, assist clients and measure 54 tests before begin any training program for them. NEO fitness is working from rural to urban areas in different formats like child fitness in schools and colleges , corporate wellness, de stress centers and much more.
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