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This Job is closed.

Additional Details

Job Type

Full Time

Working Days

6 days

Job Requirements


Graduation degree preferred

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Nursing preferred


Freshers as Nurse preferred


Above 18 yrs

Job Description

    Ensure that he/she is punctual for the duties.
    Responsible for proper take over the assigned inventories and the files of the assigned patient.
    Ensure that proper handover/takeover is done at the time of shift change. Introduce yourself to the patient and take charge of the patient, check peripheral IV line, central line, chemo-port drainage site, operated site and take necessary action as per hospital policy & appropriate care is given.
    Check oxygen and suction on daily basis
    Attend doctor’s rounds & follow the orders.
    Ensure that on admission , receive the patient and make him / her comfortable. See that the beds are made prior to the patient’s entry to wards.
    Room Orientation to be given to the patients.
    Dietary information to be given .
    Special attention to vulnerable patient on restrains and VIP patients.
    Initial assessment to be completed with in 30 min of admission & reassessment in each shift.
    All patient care plans has to be documented & should be modified as per the condition of patients.
    Vital signs & pain assessment to be checked in every 4 hrs & as and when required.
    All information to be exchanged & documented in each shift , between shift & during transfer between unit / departments
    Check patient’s case file and give medication.
    Ensure that right drug ,right dose is given on right time through right route to the patient as advised by the consultant .
    Responsible for right Observation (before, during and after Medication)
    Ensure that documentation in maintained properly.
    Observe if there is any reaction within 30 min of medication .
    Narcotics to be handled as per the hospital protocol only
    Ensure all verbal orders are documented in EMR.
    Change 2 hourly positions after attending pressure points of bed ridden patient. Use air bed and water bed if patients require.
    Give sponge bath to patients –major post-operative cases, bed patients etc.
    Insert peripheral venous catheters as and when required, try only once if you do not get ,call the supervisor. Mention date, time of insertion and document.
    Observe IV Line frequently so that there are no extravasations/ infiltration
    Check blood when received along with the form
    Blood & blood products to be double checked before transfusion.
    Inform supervisor and duty doctor to check the blood and enter in the respective progress notes.
    Check and send correct specimen to the lab and confirm with lab technician with in 5min.
    Collect the lab reports on time and inform the concerned consultant.
    Ensure critical values are informed to the consultant.
    For any investigation or any procedure the patient should be prepared as per the consultant’s order and shifted as per hospital policy. Reports to be obtained on time and inform to the concerned consultant. While shifting the patient a patient assistant should accompany the patient, serious patient’s, shifting the patients inter departments and OT to be accompanied by Nurse/duty doctor.
    Complete the nurse’s documents immediately after each procedure.
    Check the vital signs of vulnerable & post –op patients frequently and record in EMR.
    Infection control protocols to be carried out
    Ensures the proper disposal of sharps and hospital waste (BMW)
    Check for consent and check list which needs to be filled before each chemo-cycle is started.
    Check pre-op patient for local preparation, site marking, investigate reports, consent and pre-medication orders are complete.
    Check hourly temperature, BP of all patients on chemotherapy, very ill patients, any fall or rise in vital signs to be informed to duty doctor/consultant immediately and take written instruction.
    Telephonic orders can be taken only at the time of emergency & it must be confirmed by another staff nurse or duty doctor and documented in the progress notes. On the very next consultant’s visit get the order documented in the doctor’s progress notes.
    Ensure seat belt & trolley straps ( side rails to be on always ) to be checked while shifting patients.
    Ensure all call bells are attended immediately.
  Attend 6 hrs of training in a month.
    Ensure Hospital Information System(HIS)training & Basic Life Support (BLS )for each staff.
    On patient’s discharge, see that the discharge procedure is carried out as per the policy.
    Indent only the required quantity of medicine and Consumables, see that the unused medicines and consumables are returned . Do not wait till the patient is discharged.
    Support ward in charge for inventory management , lending, borrowing to be monitored in the log register.
    Duty allocation to be followed strictly in every shift.

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This Job is closed.


16,000 - 25K  PM


Bengaluru, Bangalore Urban


Freshers can Apply

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