Electrical Design Engineer

CRB Tech Solution Pvt Ltd
Ahmedabad - Memnagar
25,000 - 55,000
upto 6 months experience
Less than 10th
18 - 30 years
No gender preference
Working Days
5 days/week
Morning Shift
9:30am - 6:30pm

Job Description

Electrical design engineers are expected to consistently display strong communication, analytical, and problem-solving skills. Detail-oriented time managers with the ability to meet deadlines and focus on project schedules are most successful in this occupation. Organizational, leadership, and creative skills also benefit electrical design engineers. Besides these skills, it is important that electrical design engineers possess the following capabilities:

  • Designing and laying out new electrical systems
  • Creating system models and simulations
  • Testing new systems and making design changes if needed
  • Producing necessary design reports and documentation
  • Assisting in the manufacture of new electrical systems
Additional requirements
Previous Experience
Electrical Engineer,
Education / Training,
Electronics / Electrical
Job Type
Full Time
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Electrical Engineer
Electrical Engineer in CRB Tech Solution Pvt Ltd