Back office sales assistant

Patia, Saheed Nagar
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6 months - 1 year
Experience preferred
12,000 - 24,000
Monthly salary
Part Time Job
Job schedule
Work days
6 per week
Shift timings
Morning Shift
9:30am - 6:30pm
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Minimum Requirements

Below 10th allowed
6 months to 1 year of experience preferred
18 - 30 yrs
Business Communication
Voter ID
Aadhar Card
Expected Salary
Notice Period

Job Description

Handle everyday administrative tasks such

Attending Phone Calls, Emailing And Client Co-Ordination. Filing And Paperwork. ( Part Time Work )

Responsible For Handling Phone Calls, Preparing Data, Organising Files, Data Computing & Data Posting 


About Company

Welcome to “The Revolution 2020”. It’s a Mission for Financial Freedom. A New Age System of Marketing. Here is an opportunity to turn your Dreams into Reality. We all Dream to have a Good house, Good lifestyle, Financial Freedom, Time to spend with our family etc. We all are on our path to achieve our goal and desires but very few are able to attain them. In the past many people have made fortunes in Network Marketing Business and many still do it today. Today they live their lives and enjoy a freedom that most people only dream about. Usually, it was only a small number of people went on to become the top money earners in any company. “Generally it was the Individuals who already had marketing skills and knew how to put them into action.” This left the majority of Distributors/Associates out in the cold, failing to achieve any measurable level of success. But today, there are more resources than ever before to help you become successful. The challenge today is to choose the Company, Product range, Delivery system, User friendly Operation System and above all the Business Plan Here “The Revolution 2020” comes in fulfilling all the above mentioned parameters with the most innovative and powerful compensation plan which is called “Mirror Reflection Genealogy Plan”. This business plan helps a very ordinary person to achieve very extra ordinary success in Network Marketing. The characteristics of this plan are- Very easy to join, Very ease to Recruit, Very easy to achieve higher levels, Very easy to earn instant income and the most important point is that it’s an everlasting business plan Our greatest glory is in never falling but in rising at every time we felt. That’s why we call it a Revolution, not just a Business.
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Back Office Executive
Back Office Executive in Xellifestyle