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Frequently asked questions by candidates looking for job opportunities
In which cities does Waah Jobs provides jobs?
Waah Jobs provides employment opportunities in all major cities like Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata, Gurgaon, Noida, Ahmedabad and more. We're expanding quickly, adding multiple locations(cities) from all Indian States and Union Territories.
What kind of jobs will I find on Waah Jobs?
You can choose from over 125+ categories such as Delivery Boy, Sales, Business Development, Telesales, Back Office, Customer Care etc. on Waah Jobs. Employment opportunities on Waah Jobs are provided by organisations of varying size and stature, from startups and SMEs to corporate powerhouses. What's more, you can even apply to several Central and State Government jobs in India via Waah Jobs.
How do I get a job through Waah Jobs?
To get started, pick a job category and the location. Once jobs are populated based on your input, you can click on the 'Apply' button, register, and submit your applications.
I want a job in a specific job role or field. Is there a vacancy for me?

We have over 125+ job roles so the chances of a specific job role or field not existing on Waah Jobs are slim. The existence of a job role and the number of vacancies depend on a number of factors: location, searched term, job description etc. The Waah Jobs algorithm is intuitive enough to populate jobs based on your search term(s) and profile so finding jobs and vacancies should be a breeze.

On the off chance you cannot find a specific role/field or vacancy, please leave us a message here.

How do I ask for help if I’m stuck while using the portal?
Please leave us a message here describing the nature of the problem or issue you faced on Waah Jobs and we'll get back to you in no time with the solution.
Will I have to pay anything for this service?
Waah Jobs is completely free for job seekers. You can register, apply to jobs, schedule interviews, track your applications, contact the HR, get notified about latest job openings and more at no cost.
Can I apply for jobs directly or have my interviews scheduled without creating a profile?
You must register with us when applying to jobs or scheduling interviews. The registration process—which only requires your name and phone number— is quick, simple, safe and helps us find the latest career opportunities based on your profile. By registering, not only can you track your applications from start to finish and withdraw your submitted applications, but also keep your communication line open in case your job application is accepted.
I am registered on Waah Jobs for a long time but I don’t have any interviews scheduled. What should I do?
Interviews for any particular job can only be scheduled if your profile fulfils the eligibility criteria set by the employer and if it does you can book interview directly from our portal. Also, please be sure to track your application if it's been shortlisted. You can do that by clicking/tapping on 'APPLICATIONS'. Selection depends on a variety of reasons: number of applications recieved, the location etc. Employers usually forgo applications that do not meet their eligibility criteria. Therefore, we suggest you only apply to jobs after reading the job description and eligibility criteria -- your profile must match the employer's requirements.
What are some of the features on Waah Jobs that are useful for jobseekers?

There are plenty. Waah Jobs integrates several features together to help you find and land the best jobs in India easily. Here are 3 such candidate-friendly features on Waah Jobs.

  1. Call HR: Get in touch with the hiring HR directly to address your queries about the vacancy
  2. Walk-ins: Skip the formal appointments and Book Interview slots based on your preferences
  3. Similar Jobs: Get the best job recommendations automatically based on your profile

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