Turaco Mobile

Telecom / ISP
Founded in 2013
0 - 50 employees

About Turaco Mobile

Mobile marketing company Turaco Mobile, is the brainchild of Srinivas Mogalapalli, a tech genius who took the plunge after spending years on research and management. Having launched various successful tech products in US and India, he is backed with experience in technology, product and business.

We aim to be a global mobile and location driven marketing company through our flagship brand GreatBuyz. GreatBuyz is a shopping assist e-marketing platform. GreatBuyz connects consumers in multiple ways with Brands and Businesses. GreatBuyz offers a unique Streamz proposition wherein users can follow Brands. GreatBuyz offers other large pull marketing tools to consumers – It is a Coupons and Gift Cards aggregator that aggregates thousands of coupons, offers from multiple sources and makes them available to users in one location. It caters to Online, Offline (O2O) and Omni-channel Businesses.

Turaco Mobile earlier operated in the Mobile VAS space wherein it aggregated and distributed coupons and deals via non-data channels via a leading mobile operator in the country. The company generated revenues for 3 years (2014-2017) in this space while demonstrating competence and large scaling.

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