Toshal Infotech

IT- Software
Founded in 2010
0 - 50 employees

About Toshal Infotech

Toshal Infotech is best known for its creativity, design, website & software development. We are able to price projects below competitive rates since we have the expertise in our field which leads us to use our resources efficiently. Also, each project goes through stringent end-user-testing and a key component of that testing is ease-of-use. We value our customer time so we make sure that the product is accurate from the beginning which saves the time and money of the client. These attributes, combined with 24/7/365 priority service, are why we enjoy 100% retention.

Our Software development technique is unique and we develop the software in such a manner that our software is self-explanatory. In case of any complexity, we provide you with instantaneous support through phone also. Our end product is so convenient that our client themselves are capable to manage the complete software with complete security over the data.

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