Tjuk Trade Networks Pvt Ltd

Founded in 1994
200 - 500 employees

About Tjuk Trade Networks Pvt Ltd

Founded in 1994 by Mr.Keyur Bhatia, we were incorporated with the intention of being Mumbai city last mile food distribution company. Over the two decades, we have built strengths in the area of food distribution and launching brands in the entire Indian market. We service both the retail and food service businesses.  

We are now present in over 42 cities across India and building one of India's largest sub distribution networks. We have developed lasting relationships with a supplier base that includes reputed multinational and leading domestic FMCG companies.

We operate modern, spacious warehouses, equipped to handle frozen, chilled and dry food products. We are conveniently located in the west, south and north of India.

This is supported by a logistics team comprising of dedicated sales teams, product and brand managers, at these locations.

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