Stealth Management Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Security / Detective Services
Founded in 2008
50 - 200 employees

About Stealth Management Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Stealth Management Solutions (P) Ltd. OHSAS 18001 : 2007 compliant company is one of the leading Security Services Provider, with top of the line of elite customers since 2008. During this short span of time we have built our portfolio to influence and inspire the Security market place to spread our services in cities like Pune & Kolhapur with Mumbai being the headquarter.

Stealth deploys highly trained, skilled and licensed quality security personnel for day to day guarding and vigilance duties to major commercial establishments like

Corporate Houses, Industries, Banks, Malls, Hospitals, Hotels, Clubs, Airports, Construction Sites, Events, and in Tourism industry also

Our USP lies in the ERT (Emergency Response Team) that handles emergencies arising due to an outbreak of fire, accidents, medical aid, bomb threats, thefts/pilferage, violence or any kind of untoward incident that requires quick and deft handling thus safeguarding both lives people & property.

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