Shrey Nutraceuticals and Herbals Private Limited

200 - 500 employees

About Shrey Nutraceuticals and Herbals Private Limited

Shrey Nutraceuticals & Herbals, with over two decades of successful existence is a leading manufacturer and exporter of high quality, research based range of nutrition and herbal products for the well-being and good health of the community. The founder of the organisation, Mr. Virender Kumar has been very active in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 30 years and has been a specialist in the field of marketing medicines in various International markets and India.

Shrey’s range comprises of time tested Vitamins, Minerals, Herbals, Essential Aromatherapy Oils, Beauty and Skin Care products that effectively meet the demands of a modern and hectic lifestyle which has an adverse impact on human health. All our products are innovative, made out of international standard raw materials and produced as per Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards. To name a few, our health supplement products like Alacoma, Visionguard, Lacferin-O, Shreyvit Forte, Biocart MSM and Psorcare have established a strong niche in the minds of consumers within and outside India.

At Shrey Nutraceuticals & Herbals we endeavor to produce and market nutraceutical and herbal products that are of the highest quality; with extensive scientific research accounting for safety and efficacy of our products.

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