Praco Homeware Pvt. Ltd.

0 - 50 employees

About Praco Homeware Pvt. Ltd.

PRACO, a perfect place to purchase a premium range of Homeware Products and Plastic Household Product such as Buckets, Lunch Boxes, Waste Water Buckets, Gift Items, Stainless Steel Casserole, and other goods.
Sufficient resources like manpower, machinery, money and time are spent to produce unmatched quality Buckets, Lunch Boxes, Waste Water Buckets, and other products which is one of the reasons that we give utmost importance to the safety of the goods. For the same purpose, we have developed a spacious storage place within our premises where the raw input, as well as end products, are kept in a synchronized manner. For handling all the operations related to this division, we have appointed experienced personnel who take care of all the possible jobs. 
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