Pi Jam Foundation

Education / Training
Founded in 2017
0 - 50 employees

About Pi Jam Foundation

About Pi Jam Foundation
Pi Jam Foundation is a Section 8 (not-for-profit) company conceived by Teach for India Alumni in 2017. The organization is entirely impact-driven and aims to provide all students from under-resourced schools Computing and Problem-solving skills, which are essential for them to succeed in the 21st-century workplace. Using low-cost, open-source technology and a contextual grade-specific curriculum, Pi Jam Foundation aims to provide quality computer education to over 1,00,000 students across India within the next few years. 

To know more, visit www.thepijam.org.

The Problem we are solving
Students today are being educated to take up jobs in the future across the world. But, a majority of students in India do not have access to the knowledge and skills that will make them part of the productive economy in tomorrow’s workforce. Computational Thinking and Problem Solving are regarded as the most important skills in our future workforce and our students are not yet exposed to them as part of their school education.

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