Photoquip India Ltd

Manufacturing / Engineering
Founded in 1994
50 - 200 employees

About Photoquip India Ltd

We are a photography equipment manufacturing company that pioneered the photo equipment industry in India. With a strong lineage of 6 decades, our vision is to be the source of everything in the realm of photographic equipment. We believe in innovation and efficiency through design and technology. Being listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange we strive to maximise value for our investors. Our core values are customer satisfaction, transparency and ethical practices.

Photoquip's forte lies in innovation and manufacturing of high end electronic equipment for photo-lighting solutions. With 6 decades of manufacturing expertise and a strong international customer base Photoquip has, and will continue to deliver, the highest standards of quality at affordable prices. Having dedicated time and resources to the adoption of global production principles such as Lean Management, Six Sigma, 5S, JIT, TQM as well as a definitive approach to Supply Chain Management systems, Photoquip today is proud to be years ahead in the photographic industry.

Over the years Photoquip has been associated with some of the biggest brands of the world in photography such as: Elinchrom (Switzerland), Manfrotto (Italy), Gitzo (Italy), Nissin (Japan) and Gretag Imaging (Switzerland). It has represented these brands as sole agents and manufacturing partners in India. Even today we continue to work closely with Elinchrom -the world renowned Swiss brand in photographic lighting solutions and hold a majority market share in India.

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