Organic Mandi

Founded in 2019
0 - 50 employees

About Organic Mandi

Today, because of an increasing focus on health, number of organic brands in India are rising at an unprecedented pace. But the number of organic farmers in India are increasing at an even faster speed. Most of these farmers are not able to get the market they need and end up selling their produce in regular mandis, along with non-organic stuff.

At Organic Mandi, we are looking to solve this problem by connecting these organic farmers to end consumers. To achieve this goal, we have developed an e-marketplace ( where customers can buy directly from trusted organic farmers, without any middlemen.

If we succeed in solving this problem, this will have a huge impact on the lives of farmers and they will be encouraged to continue their efforts in organic farming. And that will not only help consumers get the healthy and pesticide free products, but also will also help the environment.

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