Nova Surface-Care Centre Pvt. Ltd.

Manufacturing / Engineering
0 - 50 employees

About Nova Surface-Care Centre Pvt. Ltd.

Nova Surface Care Centre PVT. LTD (NSCC) is a manufacturing company of nano coatings first of its kind in India has started by a group of Indian scientists having global experience of research & development in the field of surface coatings.

All of our products are indigenously designed and developed from our well-equipped laboratory located in the close vicinity of IIT Bombay, India. Our research efforts are directed towards the chemical processing of functional nano material, which interfaces; material science with physics and engineering.

Our well accepted products under the umbrella brand "NANOVA CARE COAT" are produced in our state of the art manufacturing facility and distributed in the market. Our well-engineered nano coatings have multi-functional properties aiming to enhance super hydrophobic and oleo-phobic coatings to repel water, dust, mud as well as oil for easy cleaning, anti-stain, anti-fog, anti-microbial control, UV protection, anti-corrosion, high heat resistant,  mechanically robust thin film and high durable hard coatings etc.

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