Lurnwell Technologies Private Limited

Education / Training
0 - 50 employees

About Lurnwell Technologies Private Limited

At LearnBuddy, we are passionate about making learning child-centric, interesting, engaging and fun. During their early years, children have an eagerness to learn, curiosity to explore new topics and enthusiasm to know more and more about whatever catches their attention. Our mission, at LearnBuddy, is to encourage the inquisitive children, draw on the excitement and curiosity of the early learning years and provide a child-friendly environment to make their learning experience fun, effective and holistic.

Our core team at LearnBuddy is an eclectic group of professionals and parents with a proven track record and a comprehensive understanding of the education and learning industry along with the technology domain. The team has been associated with various large global organizations as well as fast-growing start-ups...Honeywell, Yahoo, Accenture, ANZ, Intel, Microsoft, Akamai, Qikwell, Practo - to just name a few.

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