Jodhani papers Pvt. Ltd.

Manufacturing / Engineering
50 - 200 employees

About Jodhani papers Pvt. Ltd.

The group “Jodhani” takes pride in running two potent and matchless recycle based Paper manufacturing companies – Jodhani Papers Ltd and Balaji Malts Pvt. Ltd. We manufacture fluting, testliner and recycled kraft liner board.

We produce paper with high RCT values ranging from 120GSM to 250 GSM and Burst Factor (BF) ranging from 18+ to 24+ ideally suited for Test liner Board and Corrugating media.

After the revamping of the production capacity of Jodhani Papers Ltd., the company has successfully involved itself in a high quality packaging paper.

Our company strength after the revamp, is our product quality which is unmatchable. After the rewinding of paper in globe rewinder, in a speed of 1000 mpm, cleaning of fiber through a slot of 0.15mm screen and the paper’s odor-free character gives an unrivalled standard to our paper. We ensure our customers with maximum safety towards their investment by having controlled GSM variation of upto ± 5%, using our fully automated, Swedish technology, at the approach flow and the QCS on the machine.

To provide the best in class services to our customers, we have the least amount of turn-around time and all our invoices come with the Lab report and the length of paper. This ensures maximum efficiency and runnability for our customers. With a 120 cm diameter of the reels, our customers can save upto 5% of losses. The reel safety is ensured by the edge protector and core plugs.

We believe in maximum benefit transfer to our customers. This includes new-to-the-industry standards for product performance and aesthetics – and a consistency that cannot be matched by other packaging suppliers. We are helping our customers ensure product safety and integrity in the most efficient way possible. In the process, we’re strengthening the backbone of the packaging supply chain in India.

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