INI Farms Pvt Ltd

50 - 200 employees

About INI Farms Pvt Ltd

INI Farms is a horticulture company focused on sales of Pomegranates, Banana and Arils.

Through its subsidiary, it manages large scale farm-level operations and ensures that its farming operations meet the most stringent global environmental and health norms. All farms meet the Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) norms including process control, No Child labor, hygiene & sanitation and environmental protection.

INI Farms manages the complete supply chain and ensures seamless supply of fruits to both the domestic market and buyers across the world.

INI Farms is one of the first venture funded horticulture business in India. Promoted by Pankaj Khandelwal and Purnima Khandelwal, the business is backed by marquee investors Ashish Gupta, Pavan Vaish, Aavishkaar and Unilazer Ventures.

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