Harihar Brick Studio

Manufacturing / Engineering
Founded in 1973
0 - 50 employees

About Harihar Brick Studio

Le brick production has developed from a cottage industry to a state of the art trade profession, high and attention to detail has been maintained by harihar bricks. Harihar bricks is particularly proud that the company is family owned, and all our products are prepared in india by indians.. From humble beginnings. Star bricks company was formed in 1952 at ahmedabad in india by mr.Harjeevandas s.Prajapati. In 1955 rechristened as harihar bricks company. Star bricks went on to be our flagship product. Best bricks preparer in india. Looking into the future, from humble beginnings, harihar bricks has grown to be one of the leading, quality clay product 'preparers in india truly a great success story. An extensive resource base, ecognised as one of india's leading preparers of quality clay building products, harihar bricks resources extend not only to factories and clay reserves, but also to employees. 

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