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Founded in 2012
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Gurgaon, Bangalore +1 more


We, GooodStay are here to end the existence of such significant though stressing worries about your living. As we are providing the finest accommodation arrangements managed by the latest innovations in technology for the budding youth that lives in energy and vigour!

Safe, well-furnished with modern décor, serviced with top amenities like Wi-Fi, Telephone, Air Conditioning, Flavorsome meals, and what not!

Share a comfortable stay with your friends or just live alone, we have all the options in our single, double, triple, four people sharing rooms. Our accommodation is based in the different core centres of the city near to all the main locations.

We have designed the finest furnishing for your stay wherever you want, or maybe whichever location suits your office or education centre the best! We are a huge name in the comfortable living, and you can find us anywhere in the big city!

Just give us a call and in a couple of hours, you will find your bed all set to rest and freshen up!

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