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  • Eximius Design is a leading Design Services company focused on assisting system and semiconductor companies.
  • We are a unique team of engineers that has developed a wide variety of innovative products over the last 25 years. We have led the definition, design, firmware development, and silicon validation of several products that span across the semiconductor industry.

  • We would like to leverage this experience to help you launch your projects more efficiently.

  • We have multiple in-house projects with product development and turnkeys with ODC setups. We also help customers working with them closely. Our strength and work in all the latest trending market domains like IoT (Internet of Things), networking, cloud.

  • Some of the projects that we handle: Arm processor based IoT Platform development End to end development from architecture, micro arch and RTL and block and SoC Level verification.
  • All VIP developments are done in SV & UVM like SPI VIP, I2C VIP, AHB VIP. Both IP level verification and SoC Level verification are done 100G Network switch testing 10 X 10G ports. Testing data path of packets switching across different ports. Packet processing and packet drop algorithm testing. Environment in SV & UVM. USB fast charger verification Developing from scratch on USB based testing environment for USB fast charger based application in SV & UVM. IP verification Bridges like AXI / AHB to OCP bridges verification in OVM SV.
  • Many complex features of bridge like out of order and interleaving capability testing are done. ACE VIP Testing ACE is cache coherency protocol from AMBA. Involved in testing in SV & UVM in AXI based data channel.

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