Encore Natural Polymers Pvt. Ltd.

Chemicals / Fertilizers
50 - 200 employees
Ahmedabad, Mumbai

About Encore Natural Polymers Pvt. Ltd.

We, “ENCORE Natural Polymers Private Limited", are an Indian company in the business of manufacturing different native and derivatized natural polymers for varied applications. Our company was previously known as "Indian Gum Industries Ltd." (IGI). IGI was founded in 1958 through a technical and financial collaboration with the Cesalpinia Group, Italy (acquired by Hercules Inc., in 1971), to supply Guar seed based polysaccharides. In 1987 IGI became an Indian owned company, when Hercules and Henkel decided to merge their water-soluble polymers businesses. Today, owing to the reorganization of the parent Merchant family, the Ahmedabad business division of IGI independently operates under the name ENCORE Natural Polymers Private Limited. Our current manufacturing facility has the capability to produce approximately 2500 tons of material per month, over 2000 tons of plain guar gum, and over 350 tons of derivatized gums (guar, tamarind, and other galactomannans). Our plain guar gum plant is semi-automated, requiring minimal human interaction. Our derivatized gum plant is fully automated, PLC controlled and computerized with minimal operator involvement. This extremely high level of automation and control, combined with our extensive safety precautions, allows us to be one of the only facilities in the world with Ethylene Oxide and Propylene oxide storage and derivatization capabilities. We strive to exceed customer expectations of quality. All our products are extensively tested at every stage – from raw materials and additives, to finished products – before and after they are shipped to customers, to ensure they meet our stringent quality standards. Our research and development, quality control and quality assurance teams ensure that sub-standard products never leave our facility, and that our customers get the same quality product every time. We are committed, not only to our high quality standards, but to improvement and innovation.

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