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A one-click destination for all the latest innovations, tech gadgets, and the products of day to day use which are not yet launched in India. We at DealCliq wants to bring the world at your doorstep.We are the first of its kind website in India.

We generally cater products from our warehouses located at 3 major Countries i.e., USA , China , Hong Kong.

-All the imported products you ever craved for or wanted to buy but couldn't due to exorbitant shipping charges and custom duties will be now at your doorstep like you order from other online Indian portals and with proper GST invoice .We even guarantee* the prices with other Indian websites selling imported products as we don't have any middlemen , its directly from brand warehouse to us .

-We provide you flexible payment options, EMI options , return options. The best thing about us is the warranty on these products and flexible return options which you never get in case of international online portals. Customer Satisfaction is the priority at DealCliq.

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