Craftsshow Infra

Event Management
Founded in 1988
0 - 50 employees

About Craftsshow Infra

  • Company history (Products/services and target market) –We are a group of companies specialised in stage decor,Banquet Decor,wedding management,lounge work,branding and product launch services. We operate under the group name Celebs Fortuna Group which houses Clover Mansion,Craft Show Infra and Decor Artefact. We have been growing strong since the last 23 years collectively.These years have added experience and value to our varies services that has also helped in gaining an expertise in aesthetic improvisation,developing knowledge,training manpower,creative implementation of ideas for wedding,conferences,product launches,film awards,sets and alike.
  • Mission statement –Our ability to innovative, user-friendly services that can understand the trends and terms of the various corporate, new-higher income families and the tie-ups with large wedding venues marks our distinction. The strong network we have built with commitment trust and in-house large production facility enables us to make the most of reduced operating expenses without compromising on the quality of our services. We believe in making ideas a matter of reality. Moreover, we understand the needs of every generation and curate wedding experiences, corporate set ups that fit every taste and budget. 
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