bizinnovative Software Pvt. Ltd.

IT- Software
50 - 200 employees

About bizinnovative Software Pvt. Ltd.

Bizinnovativ Group Inc. (an Inc.500 company established in 1995) is a leading-edge, global IT service provider. These services include end-to-end Total Business Integration, Service Oriented Architecture, Business Process Management, Business Activity Monitoring, Enterprise Resource Planning, Enterprise Portals and Composite Solutions.

Bizinnovativ uses customer-centric, value-driven project management and solution-delivery methodologies to deliver Fixed-Price, Fixed-Time solutions to its customers in various fields.

Bizinnovativ achieves excellence through continuous learning, innovative solutions and strategic partnerships with leading software companies to provide the best value to our customers with a professional difference.

Bizinnovativ s own methodology serves as the backbone and unifies its consulting offerings with consistent communication, with template-based modular design, reusable, object based processes and RapiDesign modeling.

Sustainability and the built environment go hand in hand with Bizinnovativ's mission to improve the design, operation, and quality of products by providing the most current design technologies in various fields. We team with our clients in creating valuable products and services that are more user friendly, more economical to operate and measure, and enhance productivity.

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