Founded in 2016
500 - 1000 employees
Delhi, Pune


Befikr is your assistant for home fixing needs. When you are in a hassle, call our Befikr brothers to take care of your electrical, carpentry and other home services.

Grooming Training Expertise Security

Not long ago, for any home maintenance issue from a running tap to AC maintenance and repair, local handymen were called for. These handymen were a mixed bag - some good, some bad and some mortally dangerous.     

Handpicked qualified ITI professionals, our befikr BROTHERS undergo a rigorous verification process and are exposed to a standardized induction program that commensurate with fool proof recruitment ideology at        

Once inducted, befikr BROTHERS are further sensitized and skilled in the art of public dealing with primary focus on women, senior citizens and children. Always helpful towards customers, ensures that each befikr BROTHER continues to upgrade his skills continuously through our in-house befikr Academy.

The world is growing and so do our befikr BROTHERS.        

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