Beejapuri Dairy Pvt Ltd

Agriculture / Dairy
Founded in 2015
200 - 500 employees

About Beejapuri Dairy Pvt Ltd

50 years back, life was very simple. We used to have a cow in our backyard that used to give us natural and fresh milk everyday. There was never a need to worry about adulteration as the animal was our own. Today, the milk we consume is either reconstituted/recombined with milk powder, takes days/weeks post milking to reach our home and is more often than not prone to adulteration. As per a survey by FSSAI, as much as 68% of milk in India could be adulterated. In summary, the basic essence of milk has been lost. We are a bunch of Engineers and IIM Graduates who aim to bring back the basics of Milk. Our promise is to deliver Natural, Fresh and Unadulterated Milk directly to the doorstep of our consumers. We leverage technology to source a superior product from the farmer and to give a hassle free experience to the consumer

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