Airlink Logistics

Aviation / Airlines
50 - 200 employees

About Airlink Logistics

Airline hubs


hub airports

 are used by one or more 


 to concentrate passenger traffic and flight operations at a given 


. They serve as transfer (or stop-over) points to get passengers to their final destination.



 It is part of the 

hub-and-spoke system

. An airline operates flights from several non-hub (spoke) cities to the hub airport, and passengers traveling between spoke cities need to connect through the hub. This paradigm creates 

economies of scale

 that allow an airline to serve (via an intermediate connection) city-pairs that could otherwise not be economically served on a 


 basis. This system contrasts with the 

point-to-point model

, in which there are no hubs and nonstop flights are instead offered between spoke cities. Hub airports also serve origin and destination (O&D) traffic.

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