Agile labs

IT- Software
Founded in 2001
50 - 200 employees

About Agile labs

Agile Labs has been an innovation company right from inception. Founded in 2001, Agile was one of the first few to introduce Packaged Software Applications to the Indian business world. It won a few innovation awards from the IT media for its early product – PRO-fit®, PROfessional Financial Information Tracking.

Agile Labs invented Axpert™ - a technology platform that stores business logic in the form of ‘process structures'​ - similar to ‘data structures’ -inside the database. Other conventional technologies keep business logic as complex programs in the application layer. Axpert™ eliminates application programming, you only need to do DB programming to build complex, large business apps

The technology is Service Oriented Architecture compliant (SOA) - compliant. Business applications built on Axpert are co-existing with other popular enterprise applications such as SAP, ORACLE, Siebel, and Legacy applications, completely and seamlessly integrated.

# Champion of innovation: PC Quest
# A generation ahead: PC Quest
# The best MIS package: PC Quest
# One of the best selling computers software: Computers Today
# Editor’s choice of award in the year 1997-98: PC World
# Flexibility is the middle name of profits: Business Computers

Agile Labs has customers in Africa, Middle East, South Asia and N.America. Axpert™ technology platform has been used for building many applications (CRM, ERP, SCM, HCM etc) for enterprises as large as Rs.8000 Crores (US$ 2 Bn).

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